Precaution to be taken during Pregnancy week 7 and 8

Published: 13th May 2011
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Usually, pregnancy develops week by week, so precautions and symptoms change frequently. Pregnancy week 7 is crucial for the pregnant woman as the size of the baby will develop rapidly. In the starting week of pregnancy week 7, size of the child would be 5 millimeters that will be increased to the 11 millimeter by staring of pregnancy week 8. The leg buds and arm will increase in the size and start dividing into fingers. The other organs of the child such as digestive tract, respiratory tract, and heart will be developed rapidly in this period.

Symptoms: During pregnancy week 7& 8 time period, mother will experience the common symptoms throughout the pregnancy week by week:

1. Excessive vomiting

2. Gastro intestinal problem

3. Mood swings

4. Anxiety

5. Irritability


1. There is lot of precaution need to be followed at this stage such as avoid medications unless mentioned by the gynecologist as organogenesis process still taking place.

2. Try to eat balanced and healthy diet regularly to ensure that you are consuming adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins.

3. It is obvious that you must avoid junk foods to eat at this stage of pregnancy week by week. It could create problem in normal delivery of child.

4. Avoid strenuous task in this period of pregnancy. It is possible that excessive work and strain could result into abortion. Therefore, strictly follow these precaution points to avoid miscarriages and promote natural delivery.

5. Get checked timely by the gynecologist. However, sexual intercourse is safe at this stage, unless gynecologist mentioned something.

6. Avoid Alcohol and smoking. These are very harmful for the development of the baby.

These all precautions are extremely effective and must apply for the mother to ensure healthy child via normal delivery. However, mothers must understand that the pregnancy week by week goes and development of the child increase as the week gone. Therefore, each pregnancy week has different precautions and symptoms to be followed. The pregnancy week 7 is crucial for baby as well as mother because the development of the organs of baby at this stage is very imperative and rapid. However, these symptoms will continue to the pregnancy week 8. There will some minor changes in symptoms and precautions. Mothers need to follow the same precautions at the stage of 8 weeks pregnancy. The more mothers will be disciplined the more possibilities to get natural delivery of healthy and string child.

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