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Published: 17th May 2011
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For the majority of females, pregnancy is a time of ecstasy, pleasure and hope. Pregnancy is a time of bodily as well as emotional transformation when heaps of changes take place physically inside your body. Pregnancy is a time to pay proper attention to your body Ė itís not a time to be dieting, and trying to shed weight. The early development of pregnancy week by week can be a stage crammed with fear and anxiety. It is vital for you to keep an eye on pregnancy weeks to manage your gestation period in the right manner. Knowing the basic principles during pregnancy will assist you calm down and monitor your pregnancy as it develops each week. To start with, did you cognize that your gestation period begins even before you conceive.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy
1. Food hungers
2. Blackening of your areolas
3. Implantation bleeding or cramping
4. Repeated urination
5. Tiredness
6. Tender, puffy breasts
7. Changed sense of taste
8. Morning sickness
9. A missed menstrual period

Based on the genetic maturations, the nine months of gestation can be divided into stages of three months. While you monitor your pregnancy week by week your physical structure, per se, stays unaware of the transformation for the initial three weeks. It is the fourth week, which marks the introduction of the elaborate symphony blossoming within your body. That is when you begin feeling the sickness during the morning, which is said to be the preliminary sign of pregnancy. Females need to take proper care of them during pregnancy.

The initial trimester of gestation is the riskiest to get along with the most sensible alterations occurring during the pregnancy weeks. The 5th as well as 6th pregnancy week, for example, see vital events like development of the embryo's head and beginning of its pulsations etc. By the 10th week, the fertilized egg simply qualifies for being called an infant. Its neural structure is in position and the sexual organs are also there. As the primary trimester finishes, your infant has its own unique musculature. It is only after the initial two months of gestation that your morning sickness starts declining and your hunger may augment. During pregnancy, you need to keep an eye on many important things.

Precautions To Be Taken During Pregnancy
1. During gestation, you should not travel in the bad manner.
2. You are suggested not to breathe in any gas or smoke while you are expecting.
3. Never take any medication without the direction of a medical expert.
4. Avoid smoking and taking alcohol during pregnancy.
5. Eat well-cooked and healthy food.
6. Donít follow strict exercise plan.

There are many precautions and treatment is taken during pregnancy. Follow the guidelines given by your doctor for pregnancy weeks to enjoy a healthy pregnancy week by week.

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